2020 Job Placement Information
ProgramGraduated CompleterMilitaryEmployed RelatedEmployed not RelatedWaiting for Examination/th>Continuing EducationUnknownTotalPlacement
MRI Technology40400004100%
Associate of Science in MRI Technology15010050015100%
Radiology Technology40400004100%

This rate is calculated based on the program completers who were employed within twelve months following the end of the school year in which the students completed their program and were employed for at least 8 weeks.

The placement rate includes the percentage of completers who have found employment in a profession related to the completer’s program or career cluster. It also includes program completers who are continuing their education at another institution or have entered the military. It does not include program completers employed in a job not related to the program or career cluster, students who are unemployed but seeking employment, students not in the labor force, or students whose status is unknown.